Playing the very best club, soulful, funky house music – 24/7.

4 The Music was created by, and is manned by, DJs with years of experience in some of the best clubs around the World, including legendary places Ministry of Sound London & World Tours, Garage City, Miami Winter Music Conference, Pacha and a lot more.

We’re a new station, so while we get setup we’re scheduling some premixed sessions – but we’ve got some serious plans ahead, and something very different.

We will be bringing real live DJ sessions from around the Globe, live mixing with remote venues, video feeds from Clubs & Bars, and mixed virtual/real party nights.

We literally live 4 the Music.

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Alan Miles

Music lover from birth, back on the decks after 20 years, hopefully creating something you like, house music all night long!From the bad streets of Euxton, Lancashire in the garage on Dad's technics to the sunny streets of Dubai on Pioneer DJ decks, times have changed but the love of soulful, classic house has not, time to reacquaint myself with house music again.

Bishi Sessions

A sagely old DJ once told me - 'First rule of DJ ing is get the ladies dancing.' Wise words that have put me in good stead for many years of house partying. If the ladies dance, everything else will follow. Most of these mixes have been tried and tested and the first question I ask myself when auditioning tracks...... 'would my friend Kath dance to this ?' Mostly she did...... please listen, dance and hopefully enjoy.

Chris Haines DJ

UK House DJ since 1995. I started DJ'ing around London, played with legends like Bobby & Steve, Steve Silk Hurley, Grant Nelson, Spoony and loads more. Through those meetings I moved on to play in many more venues including Garage City, Ministry of Sound in London, and Miami Winter Music Conference. Having never lost the love of the music, I am now back on the decks - although many things have changed, the passion and love still has not.


I started going to house parties in the mid 90's where I discovered my love for this music. I've always enjoyed working with music, so I bought my first turntables and a mixer and started mixing. I've always mixed mostly at home, except for a few gigs at smaller events. I prefer to play funky and disco house, or vocal house. But I like all kinds of house music, and sometimes I mix deep or tech house.

Dave Ancient

I'm Davide Antico, born in 1978 and I live in Milan. One of my passions is music. "After having chewed" sounds and rhythms since the age of 10 and having attended the most glamorous clubs in and outside Italy, I've decided to start taking control of the musical situation. I create music and since last year I have decided to play with my ddj400 Pioneer. My real job is financial agent but you also lives on passions.


In 1985, I started mixing at home and had gigs in the local club in my hometown Elst Utrecht until 1988. One of the highlights during those years was that my sunshine? mix was broadcasted at the Bond van Doorstarters, in the Ferry Maat Soulshow on National Dutch Radio. In 2017 after a 29 year break I started mixing again using various types of music genres. Enjoy the Music!

dj localhost

dj localhost is a professional computer nerd in the UK who also plays tunes and who enjoys adjusting the volumes of multiple tracks playing simultaneously. Centred around original and nu-disco, funk and soul with Afro and Latin flavours and a helping of some beats, breaks and bass for good measure. Join me and say 'hi' to the robots!


I started DJ-ing in the late seventies. First at home and then I joined the mobile disco show (Drive inn Show) of my high school in the early eighties. We were 13 and already played once a month for a frenzied group of 500 students.In the mid-eighties we started our own successful drive-inn show at our sorority, sets of 8 to 12 hours were the rule rather than the exception. We playedfor a decade at university parties for groups of 2500+ throughout the Netherlands. We were also hired for parties in bars, discotheques and halls.After 15 years of rest, I started again in the zero's. We now organized pop-up parties ourselves, where we gathered together with friendly DJs and audience.Over the years I have played anything that can produce sound. My personal music choice is nu-disco, deep house, minimal and deep tech. I also have a preference for mashups and remixes. I make edits myself and I also use drum computers, samplers and synthesizers for that.But I have played everything that is danceable for the past 40 years.The need for DJ-ing never dies.


ezzydj has been playing around for years, growing in a community where music was at the centre of everything and his home as well. Grew up listening to everything from disco to pop and rock and gospel (not very often) Starting off in the mid 90's in Cape Town, South Africa with vinyl. Stopping over the years a few times and officially has kept the momentum going for the last year or two since his kids have grown up somewhat.It was an on and off love affair with spinning. Living in the Netherlands for the last 13 years and kept using vinyl and cd but have since officially gone full digital. When the opportunity arises he is all too happy to drop old school house tracks in the newer sets, it is certainly not uncommon in these sets to hear tunes from the 90's in there. Music never ages!The gear doesn't really matter, it's about dropping the tunes. Does what he does when time and family life permits so it's not always what he wants but he sets his priorities and all else follows.

Groove Freak

I have been what you can call a party animal since the 90's ,calming down a bit in around 2010 but still goin out on a regular basis since then. I have spent a great part of my life in clubs here in Belgium as a clubber with lots of dj friends even some famous one here ;so i have always loved House , Trance and Techno since their early days .I went to Ibiza several times , i am in love with the place ,hence my fb nickname Dibiza ;-) So i have been surrounded by good music for decades and in March 2020 when clubbing was taken away from me with 1st confinement ,i felt lost without that party feeling , without dancefloor ,friends , sexy girls,etc... so i decided to bring the club to me and bought me pioneer xdj -rr and started selecting and buying tracks which means i am pretty new at mixing but i love it now ,it has become my therapy to face these troubled times when alone at home. My fav genres are traditional House/ Soulful House /Deep /Tech&Melodic House

Original Groove

Started out @ the very beginnings of the House scene in the UK with DIY sound system - free parties, club nights ,festivals, Raves - way too many to mention .... setting up Mobile music studios and Strictly 4 Groovers /DIY Discs record labels. Moved to San Francisco with legendary house producer Charles Webster to set up a recording studio and the Love from San Francisco record label then on to Bondi Beach Sydney and Original Grooove my current project.

Riccardo SenseLess

Spinning the turntables for more then 25 years Started as Disco & Italo DJ later on turned into a Hip Hop, Rap & Swingbeat And When The house came on the market and fell in love with freedom and futuristic sounds. Stopped playing for about 18 years but now i'm back and sharing many of my Nu-Disco mixes.


"TobiTobermann", as he calls himself, was born in 1980 and comes from a musical family: both his grandfather and his father were musicians. Together with his own band, the latter even released a record in the 1960s. TobiTobermann himself learned reading music and playing the recorder at the age of four. Two years later, he was introduced to the art of playing the flute. When he was twelve years old, he finally dedicated himself to the organ, which still is his favourite instrument and which he still plays regularly.Next to his classical musical education, TobiTobermann encountered techno at an early age. In 1995, he listened to the well-known “HR3-Clubnight" for the first time and heard his first, ground-breaking set by the internationally famous DJ “Sven Väth”. To this day, the latter represents his greatest electronic influence. Väth also inspired his love for the city of Frankfurt am Main, where TobiTobermann has lived and worked since 2007. Beside Väth, he was particularly inspired by the French acid and trance producer “Emmanuel Top”, the live act “Alter Ego”, as well as “Evosonic”, a radio station specialising in electronic dance music, and its host “Chris Liebing”. In 1997, TobiTobermann had the pleasure to hear a DJ playing techno live for the first time. Among the clubs that particularly shaped him is the legendary "U60311" in Frankfurt am Main. In 1998, TobiTobermann tried out the turntables for the first time ("Technics", of course). Four years later, he “built” his first own techno track. For many years, he was a loyal guest of the techno scene, but his professional career eventually took him away from the real hustle and bustle. Nevertheless, techno always remained his great passion. After long years of "abstinence", TobiTobermann again produced an electronic track in 2015 and has been actively back on the decks since 2020. In doing so, he prefers digital DJing and primarily works with "Traktor". His last sets were dedicated to “Boris Brejcha” and his label "FKCNG SERIOUS". So far, two of his sets made the second place in the genre "Minimal" of the "GLOBAL MIXCLOUD CHARTS" and his last set even reached the first place. Thus, we can be curious how things will continue with TobiTobermann.